Ziferblat Kazan Universitskaya

z_724c1548Ziferblat on Universitetskaya is the right place for those who want to find an oasis of culture in the middle of the big city. It is neither a cafe, nor an art club, nor a library, because it can become all these things for you— like an art club within a cafe containing a library and, first and foremost, having very good coffee, tea, lemonade, and cookies. And all these refreshments are free — the only thing you pay for is the time that you spend there. The Free Space of Ziferblat on Universitetskaya is one of two Ziferblats in Kazan and part of the great Worldwide Ziferblat Neighborhood. It looks like an imaginary ship in a neat attic with unusual wooden constructions, handmade decorations and antique furniture. It’s situated in the historical heart of Kazan and is usually frequented by truly cultured people– university students, freelancers, foreigners, artists and musicians. In the Free Space of Ziferblat you can enjoy a fine coffee with a pastry, get to know new people, play board games, watch movies, attend clubs or just sit and relax. The most respected thing here is your freedom. Just be who you want to be and let others do the same. Help everyone make themselves happy and let other people be happy in a calm and inviting manner — that’s what Ziferblat is meant to be.